Guys, Do you think that if I try and recreate our first and second date for my ex it would be too forward or not? What do you think he's reaction?

Would be?


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  • I think you guys broke up.

    There's a threshold from which you never go back.. Stop and consider whether he might think y'all have crossed it

    • We'll people get back together all the time and I know he still likes me

    • You just don't listen at all when other people say something, do you? You're just arguing. Stop being anonymous so I can block you, I have no patience for someone who is only looking to hear what they want to hear

    • If I tell you the signs of why I believe he's into me still you will see that he does

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  • Don't do it...
    If your trying again, treat it as a fresh start

    • We'll how else can I make him relize what he's missing or get him back?

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    • Keeping track of you = he is curious what your upto...
      Again, only he knows how high his interest actually is, but they are all good signs..
      Impossible for me to answer on his behalf

    • He just curious? Everyday curious?

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