Should I have gave into my ex and went over his place?

He wanted me to go over tonight and stay overnight but I have work tomorrow
I'm still new at work so I don't want to be tired for tomorrow or anything and risk being late.

However, I probably got him mad asking him to stay in town tomorrow because he can't and wanted me over tonight.

He saids he was going to ask me for this weekend but he has to go out of town.
Should I of gave in because I want to get back together with him?
I'm the one contacted him first though


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  • ... I'm still new at work so I don't want to be tired...
    Nor Fired, should for some reason you don't make it in time or this leads into the future with a Full circle pattern Of... He wanted me to go over tonight.
    He is a n "EX" who still Marks an X in His and Your own heart. You both seem to get along, have become civil and friendly and may even become two birds of a feather who eventually stick together again.
    However, you need to be your own straw boss right now. Nothing on his own end is for certain, should you do anything to 'Screw up' the job, which is Etched in stone for sure with a weekly pay check.
    Compromise with your "EX". If he really cares about you and your welfare, he will understand, this man.
    Good luck. x

    • Thanks for the upvote, sweetie, and keep up the good work. xxoo

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    • Why not now and how much in the future because I don't want it now I just want to him to be my boyfriend now

    • Is there a way to tell him I don't want that right now eighter

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  • I know he is your ex and you probably still have some feelings for him, but you have to think what is best for you. If you want to go back to him that is fine, but being late to a job you just started working at is not a good look for you

    • Right I know that's why I didn't go. I was tempted but didn't. I Think He Might Be Mad At Me now. Or do you think he wanted me to go over so bad that he'll stick around tommorow?

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    • Oh he just wants something to screw before he goes out of town.. He choose the weekend so he could have you to himself.

    • But I contacted him like last week to get together anyhow

  • Given* in
    and no, your reason regarding work is valid and he would understand that if he respects you and you made it clear. Otherwise, you're being used.

    • I don't believe I'm being used, he never gets mad at me anyhow

  • he wants convenient pussy.

    • We'll I kinda contacted him so I don't know about that b UT so you think he's mad at me?

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    • takes more than one time. consistency is key.

    • Is this a start is it going to change his tune?

  • who brokeup with who?


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  • Never give into an ex. He is your ex for a reason.

  • No unless you wanted to!


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