Struggling to cope with what my ex did to me, please help?

I was living with my ex for 3 years, we was engaged, and had only just booked our wedding. He also brought my son up as his own for 3 years, we was inseparable.
2 years ago I found out I was pregnant and he walked out on me, I didn't tell him till 5 days after he left it was just real bad timing, we went on to loose the baby, him and his mum was devastated.
In May this year after trying for a baby for 6 months I fell pregnant again, I got the tests ready to show him and then he was on nights I text him saying I had something to tell him but then decided it wasn't fair while he was at work.
The next day he left me, walked out no exact reason devastating me, I then had to tell him I was pregnant. At first he said he didn't believe me, then my mum rang his mum to speak about it and she asked if I had made a descion yet. My dad has also been round to his mum and dads to talk about where my ex stood infront of his mum and dad and my dad and spoke about thr baby (why didn't he say he thought it was a lie then?). He was then texting me saying he didn't want me to keep the baby, didn't want to see me let alone have a baby with me, then he then went back to saying it's a lie, he then started saying he would only believe it if he saw a scan picture, my dad said that's fine I would get him one to which he come back with 'it would change nothing it's her problem now not mine'.
I begged him over and over to see proof for himself, offered to meet him, offered to come to his with tests, i even sent him pictured of the tests.
I eventually had the termination as I couldn't take the situation anymore.
Him and his family are now saying it's a lie, which has broken me, I feel humiliated people and him are saying it's a lie when he had so many chances to see proof and say 'ok then, if your pregnant show me i will come see', he wouldn't even speak to me. I don't understand why he didn't fight to see proof even if he didn't want the baby if he th


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  • He's a complete waste of oxygen on this earth, and you did nothing wrong, obviously he wasn't happy with you anymore and just ran instead of being a man and dealing with his problem, because of him a potential son won't have a life now, all because of this coward.. That just pisses me off, the amount ungrateful bastards in this world.

    • Do you think he actually believed I was pregnant?

    • Yeah he just didn't want to support the kid.

    • Can I ask what makes you think he did believe?

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