Is my ex girlfriend over me?

OK me and my ex got into a big conflict that ended our relationship. We was dating for 3 years off and on. Well we been broken up for about a month and a week. We had little contact with one another since the break up. Twice she would tell me she's over me and I'm like come on she even told me that a couple days after we broke up. Then I tried to talk to her last month and she said the same thing. What I'm trying to figure out is she really is or what is she trying to prove. And do you ladies and gentlemen think I have a chance to win her back?
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no one broke up with anyone our relationship ended on both of our actions and it ended like that. then another thing I am confused about is she still has me on her MySpace and on her top as her number one so I'm just confused.
Is my ex girlfriend over me?
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