Should my fiancé and I call it quits?

My fiancé and I have been together for two years, dated for about 6 months and engaged since. Currently we have a 5 week old son together. I recently found out that when I was 8 months pregnant my fiancé started sexting another girl and trying to sleep with a few others. The only reason it didn't get more physical was because they all turned him down. I know the only reason I didn't throw him out was because of our son but I'm tired of feeling like shit. Should we try to work it out or will he just do it again? He has the mentality that he can do better so I worry it'll just happen again. I love him, and he's my best friend but I don't feel like I can trust him anymore. Since finding this out I went to the bars one night while the kiddo was home with his dad and a few guys bought me drinks and I was actually able to have a good time, now I'm thinking that I'm the one that can do better, not him. What should I do?


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  • I have this belief that if you have a kid already with the guy you're "engaged"and not even married yet, it's just a matter of time before things end. Women need to realize that if you are not married yet, you should not be having kids beforehand and even by having a kid that does not guarantee he will stay with you.

    • Err, I didn't have a baby to trap him.. We weren't careful one night and 9 months later we had a beautiful baby. We would have been married before the baby came but I didn't want to be showing in pictures but other than that everything was fine until I found out he cheated. Married or not I assume it would have happened. I just don't know if it will happen again. That's my issue.

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    • @GirlScout You my friend have what I call an ugly woman mindset. CASE CLOSED.

    • Whatever dude. Have fun in this century with such an archaic mindset.

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  • You both have been together 'For two years' and hopefully counting here, dear, and with a '5week old son together,' who never askrd to be born, he doesn't deserve this sticky situation at ahnd, because his dad cannot be trusted and Now... I was actually able to have a good time.
    This is going to definitely escalate into a bad boy and girl problem path problem if something isn't done so you both can Try and attempt to end the War of the Roses.
    He is young, may be feeling trapped in this relationship and is finding himself in a rut right now. You, on the other hand, are finding out that two can play at this game the same, and in doing so, there is more on the other side of the fence than just this bull crap.
    I do not blame you for feeling this way. However, you both have someone else you need to think about right now, and it isn't yourselves.
    Sit down and have a long serious talk. Decide what it is that is best for each other, the babes in Toyland and don't continue down this by beating around the bough break bush. It's not fair to anyone and nothing is ever accomplished by making two wrongs a Right, day or night.
    Good luck. xx


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  • See a good marriage counselor. This is a serious issue that will take probably six+ months of sessions to even get to the real root of. However, it doesn't sound past saing. Good luck

  • The only thing he legally has to do (if you ask for it) is to provide money for the kid, he doesn't have to be with you, by law. Doesn't excuse the cheating though, why should you be with that kind of guy, just because of a kid?

    • We are currently living with my parents so I thought maybe it was because he was worried I'd throw him out or he was worried he'd never get to see his son, so I told him I'd give him a free pass; take the next week and see if you can find someone you'd rather be with and he said he'd rather just work this out. That he was wrong and he loves me but I don't know if I believe that

    • I wouldn't, he's cheated once

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  • Could do better... to me this just means both of you are looking at each other and you're both falling short. Neither of you is what the other wants if you are both so mch happier pursuing other avenues of romance.

    You need an honest heart to heart. You need to sit down together and figure out how things went so wrong, how the person you once adored now just makes you sad and angry. Staying together for the child isn't right. It isn't fair on you, him and least of all the child.

  • sorry to tell you that but guys like him won't change and on top of that he doesn't respect you at all because he had the intention to cheat on you while you were pregnant if his own kid... better move on


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