After a breakup, how did your ex react? Did you ever find love again?

I have been in a relationship with someone for 2 years, I realize that he does not treat me that well and am constantly battling myself if I should break-up with him. I just fear if I leave, i won’t find someone else. I am 20, he is 35. I live with him, and work with him. Have you ever been with someone, leave and them meet someone new and shake your head as to what you were doing with the other person? He makes me feel super insecure that he would break up with me in a second if someone hotter came along, just by the way he acts all the time. I don’t feel at 20, I should settle to be in constant fear of him leaving me for someone he finds better looking. This guy has never said ILY to me either...

He dates younger because he does not want to get married and have kids, where most women his age would. He is very superficial when it comes to appearance (mainly body image) and is constantly trying to make me look like Miranda Kerr when I have the figure of someone like Beyoncé or JLO (big bubble butt, thicker legs and small waist, small boobs), I will never be as skinny as a VS model. My shape won’t allow it. This makes me feel shitty about myself all the time, and that no matter what I won’t be good enough for him to call “sexy” like he does with every other girl he finds attractive.

I guess what I am asking is for you guys to share your serious break up stories, how you got over them, and if you found someone new afterwards. Thanks so much to all who reply!


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  • Listen, listen Missy. You are way to young to settle down with a man that's 35. He seems like an immature man and you should not be with him. 1st- he should not want you to be someone else or look like someone else if he did he should of never went into a relationship with you. 2nd- staying with him will only hurt you emotionally. You will start to resent him but will find it difficult to walk away. It will only hurt yoy in the long run.
    It does seem that you may be insecure because of him and you are also comfortable. Break out of that comfortable Ness because I can promise you there will be better. Make sure you leave and never look back. Guard your heart before getting into another relationship.

    My ex was almost the same. I was depressed in the relationship. I went from being confident with a bueatiful body to someone that was no longer happy and gain weight tremendously. I decided that he isn't for me never was and never will be. Because if he loved me or cared for me he would not do and say those mean things. Honestly, it is hard to walk away but you have to make a decision to walk away and stick to it. Time will make things easier.


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  • They covered up their dating while both married affairs by telling tall lies about me/the other in order to keep their Texas school teaching jobs & church status, to coverup how evil they were. They tore up past family photos, replaced them with their new family portraits. Visitation yelling, stealing time, fenced off family/friends, used the child support for house payments, faster retirement (little/if any for kids' college).

    But Genesis 50:20
    I was free and God sent me an angel to make the 2nd half of my life the very best ever

    • Wow, so sorry to hear about that. What an awful journey to go through, so glad you find someone else who is wonderful for you!

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