She says she's not ready for a relationship.

This girl says she's not ready for a relationship. She says she's frightened of being hurt. She has never had a boyfriend before.

We are really really good friends. And ironically it was after she told me she didn't want a boyfriend that we started doing lots of one on one stuff together. (and after I admitted to her that I did like her a lot) We started having dinners, walks... usually the whole afternoon and evening.

Unfortunately she then (after about four "outings") left on a three week holiday and we had little contact. She just got back and yesterday we did something together again - a whole afternoon and evening. And it was really nice, and I said we should really have dinner/hang out again this week, and she seemed keen about it, but has work so said she had to check when she was free because her rosters are often very chaotic :) - but she said she was pretty sure she'd be free at the end of the week

How am I supposed to know whether she is starting to/already likes me? How am I supposed to know whether she's only being really really nice, and just likes hanging out with me and only sees me as a really good friend?

What can I do? I mean I've tried lots of things - I've told her how I feel! But she never directly said she only saw me as a friend, she seemed like she was being really genuine - that she was afraid to get into a relationship, because she was afraid she'd hurt the person and get hurt herself... And I'm trying to think as she might, but I just can't - I mean if I was her, and only saw the guy as a friend, I definitely wouldn't hang out with the guy one-on-one that often and for such a long period of time - I mean a coffee, fair enough, with a group of friends, fair enough too, but one-on-one for several hours, I just don't get it!

I guess I don't want to lose the friendship, but at the same time, I want her to "know" that these "hang-outs" are more than just friendly hang-outs. Have you any ideas? And have any of you been in similar situations/see yourselves like this girl?

She says she's not ready for a relationship.
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