Has anybody ever regained hope from ruining their own life?

I just did 2 years in prison. Before I went in I broke my girls heart. I went in and she tried to stick around but was dealing with loneliness, the heart break and the struggle of me not taking care of her anymore. She was a loyal great woman and a virgin when I met her. Perfect. After a yr sheleft. She fell in with a bad crowd.. you know that story, guys , confusion, drugs. I got out, and she picked me up. She confessed she fell in love with and still love my best friend. They slept together sneaking behind his girls back. She was the side. She did she wanted to try with me again. But I fucked up, I was so disoriented by every thing this new her I tried but everyday I think of her betrayals. We talked throughout my bid. She admit guilt and shame. I pushed her away because of my insecurities. She was confused about Me and him. She left out of state. Told me goodbye and that she would be changing her number. I got the new number off her facebook, told her and she said she not changing it again but let it go I told heri won't call again.. I might have violated probation and can go to prison. I can't even hope for a good future. She's gone.. my freedom might be too. Its all my fault cuz She told me not to violate she dont want to be left again. So she left and my ex friend stil wants her but is with a kid and girlfriend. What if She picks him? What if she goes for another man? I miss her and I am afraid and lonely... is there hope?
Hmm so jail equals I'm bad. You don't know my my friend.


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  • "She fell in with a bad crowd.."
    Certainly the good crowd must have been doing time in jail at that moment.

    If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong...


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