Why did he deactivated his Facebook?

So I just broke up with my boyfriend last week. I have two conclusions in mind if why did he deactivated his account. First is that he doesn't want me to stalk or contact him cause I usually contact him on messenger and one time I did called him cos I though he was dating another girl since I saw a picture but it was not true, though. I Was just paranoid that time but I can still contact him because I have his phone number.. He shoul've just bocked me not deactivate his entire account. I knew he deactivated it cause I searched through a different account and still, there's no search results of him. The second is, which a guy told me, is that he deactivated his Facebook account because he might stalk me again and feel hurt because of my Facebook posts that kindda shows that I have moved on..

Last time, I said something bad to him saying that There's a guy comforting me and I told him that I can really find a better guy than you, but he told me that before also. Then, he cried in front of me and walked and when he came back he's already mad and the next day I tried to reach out to him but his still mad and says stuffs like: "just hand out with your boy" and "but you have already moved on".. I understand he was just mad that time so I gave him one day to think but when I approached him again, though he's calm now, but it's still a bad timing cos he's still at work, I asked him if can he still be my boyfriend cos I still love him but eh said no cause of the upcoming distance that we will be expecting and because I have done things during our relationship that stressed him out since I'll move to another state. And when I asked him if he still loves me, he said that it is not answerable and if he misses me, he said that it doesn't matter. Also, I told him I can't concentrate at work so he said he empathizes me that's why he didn't get mad at me that time cause he's really a nice guy. Also, I don't understand, does he still loves me but he just want to move on?


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  • He probably just wants to be left alone. I've done that before after a break up. Just give him his space.

    • Is he affected because of my Facebook posts?

    • Ya. That happend to me too. If he gets off for awhile he won't be tempted to look at your page.

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