Ex boyfriend wants to be friends?

My boyfriend broke up with me shortly after I had a miscarriage after him having a change of heart about relationship. Now I have found out that he's thinking about getting back with his ex and is trying to be mates with me. He told me after break up that he still has such strong feelings for me, but can't be together right now so wants friendship. I'm really confused by him and surely you can't go from relationship to friends straight away?


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  • People can but usually it's because the relationship faded away, not something like what you had go down. I'd say walk away from it completely, a LOT less hassle in the long run for you.

    Just my point of view but what I'm taking from what you have said is that he wants to see where it goes with his ex and if that doesn't work he may come back to you.

    As for friends, that's up to you but I'm pretty sure neither of you have "just friends" feelings for each other so why pretend like you two can be? Cut your losses and get on with life, probably not the answer you'd like to hear but it is what it is.


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  • yes I agree with you, you definitely "can't go from relationship to friends straight away."

    i don't know...maybe he is reevaluating everything and this whole "friends" deal is kind of a way to get close to you before he tries to get back with you.

    any form of communication from an ex is a bit fishy and this sounds strange to me. he seems to want to get back with you eventually.


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  • He broke up with you, is trying to get back with an ex, and still trying to be friends with you after all of that? That's rude and I don't think you should put up with it.

    If all this happens, he gets off clean, without feeling bad or missing you. I think its selfish.

    I say, don't be friends until your feelings for him aren't there anymore. Its REALLY hard to have a "friendship" with someone you are still in love with.

    I just learned that the hard way.

  • move on. the guy broke up with you after you had a miscarriage, is getting back with another ex but still wants to be friends with you anyway? he sounds really selfish like he's not thinking or doesn't care about ur feelings. ignore him don't even do it to yourself. its just gonna hurt u


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