Why my ex suddenly ignore at me for no reason?

I just started my first year of college 1 month ago, this year my ex boyfriend and I don't have any classes together sometime only when classes is changing to go to our next classes I saw him, he was been nice and sweet, but one day he ask me if he can give me a ride home I was like sure and than something happen so he can't get me a ride, the way the text message were sending After he couldn't give me a ride that day was really weird. Starting on that day that's the last time he actually being nice. Anyways the week after that he started to changed for no reason he ignore at me a lot and he sometime will reply my text so one day I text him in class by the way that's the only time he will reply because he has work and I understand that. So I says this to him "If the girlfriends reason than it's fine I understand if it's for something else I will be mad" if he has a girlfriend I understand that. Anyways then he says
"What u mean girlfriend reason i dont have a gf"so than I told him "u know like taking ur girlfriend to class and stuff if that's the reason u can't talk to me" than he was like " I don't know whag u talk about" I get it if he does have a gr I don't care. Anyways Tuesday was the last message I send to him and he started to get worst he doesn't even reply all my message so I stopped and also he did read all my snapchag story too. I told him that I want to meet up with him during school time or outside of school time he always says yes but we never hung out. But now him and I don't talk anymore and also now he saw me in the hallways he doesn't says hi anymore but I know he saw me. What's all this mean? I don't get why he does that before when he has a new girlfriend he would still treat me the same but this time it's different. Also he has a job too I don't know if that's why he couldn't talk to me or something else? I feel like he is hurting inside. ? But I was not too sure if he is or not please anyone answers me I really really needed him


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  • He's your ex. Who cares what he does


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