Should I do it?

So I am a freshman in college and my ex is a senior in high school. She has some stuff of mine and I asked her if I could come over Sunday and pick it up. I have the option to go home and pick up my stuff or just stay and pick it up later. What should I do? The stuff she has is not that important just some clothes but I want it back

  • Go home and pick up my stuff
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  • Stay and pick up my stuff later
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  • Just tell her to dump it. I'm not for looking backwards in any way when it comes to failed relationships. To go to her place to retrieve stuff that you don't need is a waste.

  • Go get it while you can, but don't linger.

  • Well I love driving, so I'll go pick it up for ya.

  • Just ask yourself;
    What would Shia Labeouf tell me to do?

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