What is he up to now?

OK so I dumped my boyfriend right, he did not say anything and we did not talk for almost a week. And then he starts sending me messages asking me how I am doing and all, he is not saying about the break up has mentioned it, he acting like we are picking up from where we left of. He acts like everything is okay and I'm just wondering what is he up to know because he wants to kiss me as if we are still dating and yet we have not yet talked about it. Am I to blame for letting him treat me like this? And if so what should I do and say to him because I deserve to be treated better. What game is he really playing, what does he want from me if he does not want to be my boyfriend


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  • "OK so I dumped my boyfriend right"

    that's why. you dumped him, don't expect him to talk about the break up, when you're the one that did the breaking up. he's probably hurt and just doesn't want to deal with it. but also still likes you as a person. feelings just don't go away in one day you know.

    • I dumped him because he was not giving me the time of the day he was not treating me well he was taking me for granted, so yes I had to, I was the one who was in pain in the relationship so for him to be hurt I don't think so

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  • Sounds like he misses you

    • If he misses me then why doesn`t he want to talk to me about the whole break up and how he feels and not just saying he misses me

    • Cuz us guys aren't good at telling you how we feel. and we have science to prove that. In males, our corpus collosum (the material that connects both hemispheres of the brain) aren't as strong as females so a males left side of the brain doesn't communicate well with the right side so we have a harder time talking about our emotions. its not that we don't want to, its just harder to.

    • Haha ok thanks I was not expecting that but still there is something called communication in relationships and that's what we need here so I guess the science thing is an excuse

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  • He probably figures that he gave you your space, and now he's just coming back to try for you again.

    • Fine I can get that, but what about not even talking about the whole issue as if it never happened

    • Boys are stupid and often find it difficult to talk about their feelings and such for one reason or another. You need to bring the topic up yourself, and any questions you have, right out into the open and get him to talk. Otherwise you'll never progress anywhere and he'll just keep doing what he's doing. If you want him to stop, or leave you alone, or work out things, or whatever, make it known. Talk stuff out, and don't let him be all silent and confusing.

    • Thanks I know what you are saying is right but I was hoping if he really cares for me the way he says he does,he should have talked to me about it you know, that's the thing I do not want to bring it up I want him to be man enough and tell me what's on his mind and if he was really hurt about the breakup as I was by telling him I do not want to date him anymore

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