I like her, but I don't know if she likes me?

i met this girl in my department in school she is 23 I'm 25, we met 1 WEEK before I left

for Christmas vacation, she offered to help me study for the final she came over and we studied till

5am, then she left, we went out as a group that weekend and we made out, we keep texting and the

night I was leaving fro vacation we went out and made out again and again, I called her 3 times during vacation she never

answered, I saw her yesterday in school by chance we talked for 10 min and I had to go, so we texted a

little at night, but she replies very late to the texts usually its quick, and I asked her by text to go out this

weekend she answered 1 hour later: mmm yes this weekend. I texted her twice after that and never got a reply. you think she's not into me anymore? thanks


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What Girls Said 1

  • maybe she is just busy by the time you call her. and the other thing is that girls believe that if they take long to respond , they keep the guy wanting more. most cases it works.


What Guys Said 1

  • She likes you but you probably need to be more up front with her about how you feel, and maybe things will be looking better for you in the whole txting department, she's agreed to go out this weekend, go for it, but don't show her the typical night out on the town, do something original and well thought out, and by all means keep it a mystery from her.


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