Saw ex-bf after bad breakup at bar and he grabbed and slightly rubbed my upper arm and said hi with a genuine smile. Any meanings?

It was about 6 weeks after the breakup that we saw each other for the first time. That was all the interaction. Can't tell if it was a dominance body language or guilt/regret body language thing. (in my opinion and all my friend's opinions, it was his fault and he is in the wrong if that helps).


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  • Who knows what his hi and genuine smile means, and who really cares. He was a loser and it was his fault for the breakup.


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  • He was Obviously Missing the Kissing, @jwillard1961, no bones and butts about it, when he 'Grabbed and slightly rubbed my upper arm and said hi with a genuine smile.'
    It was a bad Breakup, and he may be feeling guilty and knows it 'Was his fault,' and he is letting you Know that perhaps he may even be a calling to say More in store.
    I like your own style that you didn't go chasing him during this '6 weeks,' and now you just may have this guy with his own Try... Eating out of your 'Man hand' again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • translation:

    "hi i hope you're doing ok. i wish you i could have spared your feelings the hurt. i still care about your well being , and want you to be happy.

    stay in touch."


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