Is it really goodbye?

Well since my ex broke up with me 7 months ago he's been contacting me and confusing me. Tuesday he texted and called him and he said he loved me and even wanted to come see me. So now today he texts me "hi" and then continues to tell me he's got a cold. But then he tells me that if something better comes along to go for it and to promise him. But I told him I'd always be there for him even as a friend. He thanked me and said that's all he needs right now because his head is so messed up right now and he didn't want to lead anyone on. I told him to take care and he said "you too, and have a goodnight k" but I didn't respond to it. Also he suffers from depression.

i feel like he lead me on for 5 months and now he says this, I don't think I could be his friend it just hurts, I don't know why I said I'd be there for him. I think I care too much and I need to stop that.

I feel really depressed and sad now because feel like he just texted me tonight just to let me go again. I deleted his number again


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  • I think that he probably misses you and he probably still loves you, but he seems to be unsure if it would work out. He does not seem sure about wanting you back for real. So he tells you to go for something better if you have the chance...

    I can tell you from my experience that anything is possible. I was once separated from my boyfriend for 8 months but he contacted me now and then (he broke up with me).. We got back together and then were in an on-of relationship for about a year. Now we are back together since about two years without interuptions and everything just seems great again as if nothing ever happened..

    I hope everything will turn out the way it is best for you two.

    • He suffers from depression and is bipolar and on top of that he drinks every week when he is not working. It sucks because we just talked Tuesday and everything was fine and he told me he loves me. Even last week he texted me a lot and now he is basically saying goodbye, it really hurts 😢. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, and that's great that you're back together with your boyfriend 😊

  • I was in the same situation only mine lasted two years! So this is coming from someone who knows just how painful this can get. He says he loves you and it makes you so happy, it plays with your mind but then he rips it away by saying that he doesn't want to lead you on and that he only wants to be friends. Then you try to be friends and it doesn't work because he does it all over again. I wasted my time and feelings on someone who didn't know how he felt but was selfish enough to ask me to stay with him. I'm gonna give you the advise I wish someone would have given me, he is having problems and that is sad, but it is not your problem. for the sake of your own feelings tell him that being friends just isn't possible. Tell him that you care for him but that he shouldn't talk to you for at least a while. Be sure to draw a clear line and while your at it build a wall.


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