Why do I have these feelings for him?

Hi, about two weeks ago my boyfriend wanted to take a break from me to get some space and think about himself. He said he loves me and he wants to stay the same with me just that it's better if we take a break and are not together so we can get back together later he said? Well since then he's been texting me a couple of times like hey how's school, how are you, and this Moday (14th ) he asked me if I wanted to do something on the weekend. We are now going to a restaurant in the evening that's weird... But even more weird is that I feel like I don't even want to go and see him, like we didn't have a bad breakup but I'm kinda mad at him and I feel that it would be easier if he stopped playing with his and my feelings and to cut the contact, I was happy to see him this week but a couple of days ago I felt this anger and anxiousness of meeting him. I am very nervous for today


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  • Stay cool, sweetie, it is this "Break" tha the felt you both needed For... Space and thinking. He may have felt smothered and being he is still young yet, I feel he is making a rash decision in going slow with his flow.
    He is nursing and nurturing your still very special relationship, making you Still his Only One. However, instead of trying out this 'Anger and anxiousness' that probably will not go over big with him, make it light and sweet and perhaps you can both get on the same school page of your relationship and where it is heading now?
    Tell him nicely and maturely how You feel and see what he really wants. It sounds like he is taking his space and spacing you both out, is what he has been thinking about.
    No need to be antsy, just relax. This is your ball field too but go easy on going up to bat.
    Good luck. xx


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