She is trying to ruin his life?

I have a guy best friend who I have recently been sleeping with.
A while ago him and his long time girlfriend broke up.
He was completely in love with her and didn't do anyhting with me until after, although we were close friends already.
She has since been quite rude, hooking up with multiple people in front of him & is now seeing another guy (not official yet)
Rumors got around and she thinks he was cheating on her with me (which he would NEVER do). She messaged me personally and has abused him multiple times no matter how much he denys the allogations.
He is VERY hurt, she burnt his favourite belongings, threatened to write a Facebook status about it and just rang him threatening to make him bleed. He honestly thinks she is trying to ruin his life.
I want to help but i don't knwo what to do, he wants me to tell people what she is doing, how much she is hurting him, but i want to make him feel better.


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  • He needs to contact the police and get a restraining order. And tell them about her property damage and threats. That's horrible and I hope your friend (with benefits now) stays safe. This reminds me of that video where a girl burnt her boyfriend's penis and caused severe property damage to his belongings (all of his electronics and his car). Granted that was a different case because he was actually cheating, but still that doesn't make it okay. And in this case, he didn't even do anything wrong so she's being extremely horrible and the police really needs to get involved.

    Maybe he can even sue her for burning his favorite belongings. That bitch deserves to get sued and lose money.


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  • If she's damaging his property and making threats, he needs to record those messages and take them to the police. He needs to write a post on Facebook about the situation, just to let his friends know what might be coming and then unfriend her, block her whatever. Just shut it down completely.
    No-one has time for her bs. I'd start by blocking her or getting rid of her from your social media, and letting his friends and those close to him know whatsup.
    If things continue to escalate then get the police involved (just make sure to keep any messages in which she is threatening you.


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  • Document, document, document. Learn how to use page-caching services. If she ever posts anything incriminating, get it cached IMMEDIATELY.

    Read about relational aggression. Learn how it works, and you will know how to defend against it.

    Relational aggression. Relational aggression.

    Relational aggression.

  • you know what happen with me my LDR really ruin my life she really waisted my time as she hurt me as a friend after we brokeup she hurting me like she messaging me like after 5 days or 3 days she always do as my friend told me that she have been busy but she is doing same all the time as I got mad at her and then she brokup with me as a freind too really that frustrating my life... thats good that you are helping him as what he want but there is no one who I tell him or her that what she did with me no one is with me


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