Does it ever annoy you seeing other people get back with their ex. when their relationship looked way worse?

Does it ever annoy you seeing other people get back with their ex.. when their relationship seemed so toxic.. but you want to get back with an ex.. but you guys broke up cause of like small differences.. and it feels like you guys won't ever get back together?


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  • Well I'm not in the situation of wanting to get back with an ex. But I can see how incredibly annoying it would be to see two people back together who seemed way less likely to survive that you and your ex.

    • That's how I am currently... my ex and I just broke up like two weeks ago (maybe it's too early to even think about getting back together) but I always see people around me get back with their ex's and it's like so eh

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    • I can't do the whole let's be friends after we break up thing, so to me, if she wants you to call her, she isn't over you. But maybe somehow she's able to just be friends with you... I'm not able to help much more at this point since I'm never friends with my exes.. I'm sorry...

    • It's ok.. thank you for trying.

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  • I never get back with my exes. It doesn't annoy me about what other people do, more power to them if they wanna torture themselves.

    • I agree with that... I don't think it's a horrible bad thing if exes get back together... I feel like there's some points it could workout better than the first.

    • I don't think there is a single right answer. Its just how I prefer to approach a break up and everyone is different so what works for one broken couple may not work for another.

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