I want him and now his ex is back.

I know people say that a guy means exactly what they say but in reality that is not always the case


we have hung out b4, gone on dates b4, he wants sex no question about it, he's asked to live w/me and me to live w/him, he's never really gotten over his ex

current issue:

-his ex girlfriend came back into the picture and now he just wants us to hangout as friends, he doesn't want me to wait for him, he misses me, he feels awkward about the situation because I want him and now his ex is back

Translation or explanation, pretend I'm the dumbest person you've ever met


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  • The ex is a sensitive situation really and really has no concrete answer. The only step you can take to get him back is to let him know that you want him and she his ex for a reason. But it really up to him to make the choice to come back to you. But you have to make the decision to either wait or let it go. Since he has said that he doesn't want you to want for him that maybe the best answer. Yet what may happen once you let go is he will try to get you back. So my suggestion is to let him know your talking to someone, now most likely he won't say anything negative about it, but his actions will let you know if he really wants you back or is willing to let you go


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  • well have you guys dated for a long time or was it a short term? Does ask about sex constantly or even occassionly? From what I got from your explaintion I'd say he still misses his ex but he says he misses you to keep you around as well. It's hard for a guys to decided to keep his current girl friend and his ex cause sometimes guys can be greedy and we want both. You're not dumb at all I think just alittle confused on his desicions and actions. I mean sex is an important thing when two people are together right? It shows meaning and being together, although some people only want for the excitment. I am curious to say what type of person is he? It depends on how they are too. I'd would give you more info but not sure about all the details sorry.

    • We haven't had sex he just wanted it, I made it clear to him to not make a relationship just about sex he's been fine with that he said he just gets really horny lol, we've been friends for almost a decade, started seeing each other this past year on and off, our biggest problem was that I live 2 hrs away and can't be a mother to his child right now because of school but he was always counting down the months until I graduated college

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  • I wouldn't wait on this one, no matter how much you like him. Sorry to say but he's made you second best and no-one should have to take that place. Even if you finally got it together, you would know it was his ex he really wanted. And most guys will always want sex no matter if its not with the person they really want. Sorry. You need to go out and have a good time and keep your mind off him and find someone who only wants you.

  • I think you should tell him how you feel or just forget about him and the situation and focus on other things


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