Got out of a year long abusive relationship?

the guy would beat me if i didn't sleep with him, send me painful verbal messages (filled with bad words) and hurt me emotionally and mentally.. and still doing.. police is doing little to help,, on top of that my uncle beat me up and since then my dad has started hitting me too.. always a nice person, i am frail and been pushed to the brink of insanity.. the human inside me has died.. i want you all to send love energy to me so i heal and get better.

how do i treat the nice men.. well.. i been smothered by my parents all my life.


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  • I'm sorry about that.
    However, I also have a question I've always been wanting to ask a person like you. How in the world is it possible for women to stay together with an abusive boyfriend for such a long time? I mean... ONE YEAR! This is insane. I'm sorry if I'm being mean but this behavior just doesn't make any sense to me... it seems so naive. Were you thinking he would suddenly magically stop hitting you? I've always been wondering why girls stay together with an abusive partner because I certainly wouldn't. If I had a partner who hit me for the very first time, I'd be like "That's it. I'm packing my suitcases. And no, I'm not up for any discussions. In fact, I'd rather you never spoke to me again:"

    • Its becoz my family doesn't respect me.. and friends not been supportive.. u end up alone.. and weak and fall prey to men like this.. i have 3 older sisters.. we all have had our struggles.. my father is also abusive and manipulative.. so we fall prey to such men coz lets admit most people dont want those with self esteems or emotional problems.

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    • didn't have time for me

    • this guy got a nude of me and started blackmailing and beating me.. fought

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