Guys, Why is it that when I contact my ex he seems so receptive and intrested in getting together or wanting to see me but then he doesn't even?

Contact me? He can go a month or so without even talking to me.
Guy's please comment. I need help with this! !!!


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  • Well if he's like me he probably thinks you're only contacting him coz you're bored or wanting his attention. You need to be honest with him & tell him what your reason is that you got in touch with him

    • I told him last time that I really wanted to see him, is that not enough?

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    • But don't you think that is just him being disappointed? I mean he agreed to meet with me Friday when he only had a little bit of time- was willing to stay for a little for me even though his parents wanted him to go down to their house after he works.
      I think it's sweet he was willing to stay a little to see me, don't you?

    • Message me if u want coz im going to sleep & ill reply soon

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