Should I get into contact?

It's been exactly a week since my now ex-boyfriend broke up with me, mainly due to reasons that were out of my control: the problems that were going on in his life, since he was dealing with a lot of graduation schoolwork and his grandparents were having issues and his parents were putting a stack of pressure onto him. He also said that as he got to know me more he realised I "wasn't his type", but everyone I know, including myself, are convinced that he tried to purposely hurt me in order to push me away from him and his problems. I loved him very much and he loved me too, we were crazy about each other, but when we broke up it ended in an argument over text and that was the last I heard from him. I bumped into his family today and it rekindled the love I have for him, should I get into contact with him or leave it be? I feel like I just need to talk to him.


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  • Leave him be and accept it for what it is. If he truly loves you he will come to you when the time I right. Otherwise move on.


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