Did we break up? or he is not worth it? ... its really confusing?

We had a fight three days ago. This time is different. He has been ignoring me since. I was again in a bad mood swing and it happened before. But the fight is different this time. It used to be me being jealous of his ex. l told him i have to work on myself and need his support. This time, I bought up issues of his lying about certain things that i noticed. I connected the lies to him loves me less than his ex. He was calm all night for the 2/3 hours of me fighting by myself. He was trying to get me to rest because its work day. At one point, he gave up and cursed me and said to leave. I got tired and finally wen to bed. Left early in the morng and thats the end of it.
We just celebrated our 1 year anniversay, there has been talk of marriage and engagment and he said he is serious about me. He has never ignored me for this long. I called him 2 times so far and dont feel like bothering him. but i read that, if he really loves me he wouldn't ignore me.


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  • A relationship is work; he maybe ignoring you because he's busy, or he still needs to cool off. You may need to not use the phone and just go see him physically.

    • I know he was free because before i started the fight, he had already planned the weekend that i would be spending at his place. Sure i can understand he would not want me there fear i would fight again. So going to his place might scare him even more. I understand about giving him space.
      what i would like to know is how to apologize since i made such fool and embarrassment. I would like to talk in person, preferably at a cafe or park. or should i send him an apology letter or text. I did sent a "hey, called you yesterday and just now. i am sorry about the other night. of course there's more than a sorry... owndering if you got my calls..."
      the fight was bad, i told him that he put his ex. on a pedestal and i am only getting the short end of the stick... but all these has to do with my insecurity and emotional attack that i need to get help sorting out my emotions.
      i feel like i was sounding like a mad woman due to mood swing.
      what do you think?

    • That sounds good, but I would recommend that you do it over dinner or face to face.

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  • He maybe ignoring you because he thinks your going to fight with him so he just doesn't want to deal with it at the moment it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. If I were you I'd send him a text apologizing for fighting and then wait and see if responds k. If he doesn't then maybe it was a break up and he is just fed up with the fighting, but if he truly loves you he will eventually contact you but you got to give him some space and he'll come around.

    • I am just wondering about he whole giving space thing... how long should i wait? last time when we fought, he wanted his expensive coat back but we never lost contact. this time he didn't even say anything about getting the coat and other stuff back.
      on the other hand, there were other times that he felt the relationhsip is at its end because my new job is not near him and that i don't need his help anymore. but we would act like we are husband and wife talking about marriage and stuff. we talk/text a few times daily. i already met his family all his close friends. he called me wife to his office workers.
      so i don't know what to do. send him an apology letter or just call his work tomorrow knowing he will pick up at work? because i really need to apologize for my emotional attack on him.
      also do you think he really love me? i am not good with relationships... its all new again after a divorce. thank you

    • Just give him a couple days then try calling him and apologize but if he doesn't answer then send him a text but if he still doesn't respond then he just needs more time and there's not much you can do if he doesn't want to talk to you. I'm sure he still loves you he is probably still mad and needs time to think. You guys been together for a year and have memories and talked marriage so he will not just walk away from you like that.

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