My ex boyfriend hasn't called me back yet?

I saw him a month ago. He looked at me and smiled and started to hit his phone on his face. Didn't know if he we waving or just nervous. I am still hurt how things ended so I just continued walking and just rolled my eyes. I don't know his new cell phone number, so I called his job. He was nervous. I asked did he get my message and he said yeah. I also asked if he wanted to talk to me he didn't say an yes or no, he asked how have I been and could he call me back I just ended the call. It's been almost a week no call back. If didn't want to talk period wouldn't he said more far as don't contact my job or something?


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  • He's waiting on you to call and when you do make sure to tell him everything you wanna tell him honestly wha what u want from him and I would say he still cares about you

    • I called him already he said could I call you back but never called me back it's been a week

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