I don't understand anything anymore , why did he act like this?

Hi, so yesterday my ex boyfriend who wanted to have a break from me 2 weeks ago and I had dinner. He asked to meet up and he texted me a lot before so I said okay why not we can have dinner , we are on good terms. Our dinner was amazing we had good food, we talked a lot and laughed he even called me babe , it was like the old times. Now comes the disaster , when we get the bill I say lets split it and I said to him I'm sorry but my mom ( her card) won't pay for you ( obviously she won't pay for the guy who broke up with her daughter ) , he said he didn't have any cash and very little on his card. I said fine I'll pay for both just pay me later. We went out and he was totally quiet and I said what's wrong he said " you embarrased me in the restaurant" then I was in heels he just didn't wait for me he walked away I run after him and say " I'm sorry if I embarrased you but it's not a big deal lets forget about it and be good again" I aplogise like so many times. When we get home I say hey you wanted us to be good and he says obviously we can't be friends anymore and then he says bye and leaves me in the dark to go home all by myself crying cause I'm so hurt. His dad later said to me that his intentions was getting back together with me but he is very money sensitive, what? My question is how can a guy become so angry at that he doesn't want to talk to me , I sent him a text he just read it ( I apologized for the thing again and I was mature about saying it's better to have good chemistry than bad). I'm confused we were so good even flirting during the dinner like perfect then later he says he's so upset he says there's no point in being friends ( even tho he said it was super important for him that I stay close to his life and that we don't become this arguing break up couple ) and then his dad said he wants to be back with me? Basically he wanted to end the realtionship cause he feared things would go very wrong although they weren't but now he's create this barrier and now we have problems. I need help (btw he's very lost with his life he doesn't know what to do ) carrier wise


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  • he's very emotional and sensitive. You have every right to say what you said, my mom wouldn't pay for the guy who broke up with me, who would? He needs to understand that. And if he had money problems he should have thought about that before going to the restaurant, is he using you for money or something?

    Its not worth it hun. The break up happened for a reason and getting back with an ex is nothing but problems, itll get better for you in time once you move forward, focus on yourself, love yourself. In my opinion, getting back with an ex is like taking a nice hot shower, getting out, and then putting on your old dirty clothes.

    • The thing is to start of we were only on a break , and he said later when I got myself together I want to get together with you again , we we're so great at the dinner it all worked out well you know. Then that happend and now I ruined our friendly terms realtionship

  • This seems a lot like my old relationship. You love him and he seems to love you but when a man is lost he will ruin you and every aspect of you. The reason why is because he has a low self esteem. Remember a lot of men were brought up to be bread winners but that doesn't always happen. And when they're not the bread winners they become even more insecure. Let him grow as a man and give him some time. As of now all you can do is give him some space and once he decides to get back on speaking terms you should try to help him find who he is without losing yourself. If that's not possible, than let him go because your sanity is what matters.

    • H apologised to me saying he was hurt and confused because he said things could never go back as they were because it would be awkward with my mom as the realtionship wouldn't work if my mum would be mad at him. He said he only wanted to do things right with the break but every treats him terrible and like he did something unforgivable. He said that he wants to try to be good friends with me now and see if anything happens with us ( together ) naturally. I will definitely not text him, I am very angry at him

    • Lol again, same thing has happened with me. He has to understand that he did something wrong and let it be. Little by little he can try to win over your mother. Eventually, she will forgive him. Just make sure to guard your emotions. He can easily be a great guy but people change.

    • so you think i shouldn't text him and him come to me? i feel like as soon as you slightly forget about them they come back at you or it was like that before? i mean if he says he wants to continue being good friends for now then at least we can act like that, otherwise there's no point i can just delete everything off.

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