How to get ex-girlfriend back?

Dated for 2 years. She broke up with me 6 weeks ago. It was because I was being mean/not making her feel special. I was stressed and tired and we have since made up. I'm not truly a mean person just had a rough stretch. Now we are in school, we hung out a few times and we both really enjoyed it. We talked about getting back together but decided we need some time apart. We hadn't talked for a week and a half and I saw she deleted me on snapchat so I sent her a light text asking her whats up. She took this text and ran with it. She asked about me, family, school, and the girl I went on a date with. She had been drinking but it was very clear she wanted to talk. She said she was happy we were talking and that she deleted me because she missed me and she thought it would make her feel better. We still love each other a lot, and her best friend told me she thinks she's definitely not over me and still cares a lot. I'm just confused where to go from here. She was definitely happy to talk but she wanted space just a week and a half ago. I didn't text her the next day and I feel like she was expecting a text. Should I continue no contact or try to reopen communication?


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  • If you want her you have to go get her.


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