Do you play mind games with yourself after a breakup?

I think this is why it's so important to go NC... because after you just got dumped (I'm not sure if the dumper thinks these things out) but it's like everything your ex does/says.. it's like you start thinking if it's mind games or not... I think we play mind games with ourselves when it comes to an ex... I mean if you just got broken up with.. you probably still want to kiss your ex, dance with your ex, etc.. and then you wonder.. now who is kissing them, dancing with them, etc... it's all so eh


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  • You're right. No contact is the smart person's way of dealing with a break up. It simply is. It's also the more mature option and makes things a lot easier in the long run.

    Someone just dumped. Meaning they don't want you. Why the hell would you want to give that other person any minute of your time if they decided "no thanks" when looking at you. That's how I feel. So no I don't play games. When my ex dumped me a month ago I blocked him and initiated NC. It has helped me tons so far.

    • That's a great point... Would you ever suggest being friends with that person? Even 3-4-5-6 months down the road? I ended up becoming like bestfriends with a ex from 2 years ago who dumped me.

    • @Asker

      Only after a long long time and if the feelings are truly gone. I personally have no desire to be friends with any ex's regardless of time. I'd always think about them dumping me and I'll always sorta have that against them. Plus i can't ever fully forget the love I had for that person. I mean, a part of me will always love my last ex cause he was my first love so I doubt I could just be friends with him ever.

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  • That's not mind games. That's just emotions

    • That's true, but it's like... WHY do I care about this? my ex is kind of cool I mean she said if she did talk/kiss with other guys around this time.. she wouldn't tell me unless if I wanted to know (which I don't) but so many other ex's would just rub it in my face...

    • I know. It's hard to deal with and it hurts :(

      And I agree with you. NC is essential

    • She's someone I want in my life eventually.. either as a friend or more.. but right now.. I have to worry about myself.

  • No, I don't do that because it wastes my time. If they want to break up, then they can. But why would I be stuck on why we broke up, if they wanted to. I know it hurts and everything, but while waste your time on someone who dump you and still think about them. I am sorry, but I find ot stupid because they don't deserve someone's attention or thoughts after breaking up. I would just isolated myself from them for a while.


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