Why is he acting like this?

My boyfriend and I been friends for 8 years. We finally moved in together May 2015 been dating since Nov 2014. Stress came quick when we ended up at his mom house. Our relationship took a toll because we found out I was pregnant. His family didn't believe me and told him it wasn't even his. We finally moved got our own place I cooked meals cleaned did laundry etc. But the arguing still continued he still loved his ex girlfriend. He was willing to send me home pregnant to be with her. I couldn't take it anymore I left and went home. He found out neighbors said he was driving all crazy in the parking lot. He was just acting really crazy he blocked me from fb text and call. It's been a week he has unblock the text and call but the stuff he says. He would call and brag about an imaginary girlfriend or do I miss him. Or he's hungry and broke and etc weird stuff like he sold his dog. He wanted to be friends said he was bad for me and he wanted to kill himself. Then he called with another lie about getting a girl pregnant. I hung up this must've mad him look dumb so I texted him and he said wrong number. I'm pregnant he know this what is the point of all the childish game?


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  • Please leave this dude alone. If you're not ready for a kid, there's other options. If you are, is this really the father you want your child to look up to? I've been with childish crazy man boy for 6 years bc we messed up and had a kid. My son is the best thing that's ever happened to me, but I regret staying with his father as long as I have.

    • No I absolutely don't I pretty sure he got what he want and it's over I believe a blessing was created through hell

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