Does this sound strange?, like they know each other better than they said?

I was seeing a guy for 3 years, he did some appauling things to me and left me. He moved on to a new girl within 5 weeks so i moved on. I met a guy completely randomly on a dating site, we got chatting for a few months we would spend hours on the phone After speaking to this new guy for a while it turned out he knew my ex, had a lot of mutual friends with him, he said he didn't speak to him or really know him, anyway we had quite a few rows, we had a few dates and ended up sleeing together, we spoke after but then started arguing so he cut it off and then started ignoring me and still won't speak to me.
This new guy lives 25 miles from me in the same town as my EX.
Yesterday i noticed my EX and this new guy i was seeing have become friends with my neighbour on facebook (i have a male neighbour)
Sorry if this is complicated.. Now i feel like i was set up by my ex and this new guy i was seeing? When my ex lived here with me he hardly spoke to the neighbour next door and has since moved 25 miles away.

If my neighbour knows my EX and this guy i was seeing well enough to add them on facebook then my EX and the guy i was seeing must know each other better than the guy i was seeing said?
The only thing they have in common are cars, things like car shows etc...
I feel like i have been set up?
I hope this makes sense?
Does it sound like my ex and this guy set me up?


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  • We... it might be. But the better question is - do you mind?

    • not really i suppose, if my ex is sad enough to set me up he needs to move on

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    • i think your confused... I mean set me up in a nasty way to make a joke ofme, not set me up as in to get two people together

    • Well you can't be 100% sure about that. But none the less, it all depends on the guy you're with now.

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