What could be going on? My ex-boyfriend's best friend is super friendly to me all of the sudden?

I dated a guy for about four months and only met his friends briefly. My ex-boyfriend and I ended up in bad terms so I no longer speak with him. I tend not to go a lot so I don't run into him or anyone in his group often. But I was having dinner with some girlfriends a few days ago and I ended up sitting next to my ex- boyfriends best friend by coincidence. The minute I saw him, I politely greeted him and chatted but never brought up my ex. I went home and check my email only to find a MySpace request from him. Also several messages asking how I enjoyed my dinner, and my night and asking me to keep in touch. What's up with that? This guy is his the guy he gangs with all the time.


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  • Wow... Déjà vu!

    I once dated this guy for 3 months and we ended on bad terms as well. Basically his best friend started trying to "stay in contact" we me too, but really he was keeping my ex updated with what I was doing. He even started trying to date me, some friend right?

    I would say to maintain a safe distance (if any at all). He could actually want to be just friends, but I would keep a guard up and be careful with how much info you let him have.

    Good luck!

    • I agree kind of strange. I can't believe this happened to you too. What I find a bit unusual is the fact that these two guys are super close (connected at the hip), so him going back to keep my friend updated about me is probably right. I also think it might be a test or a trap to see what kind of girl I really am. hmmm. I will keep my eyes open. Thanks again.

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