Why didn't ex take it further to get his stuff?

Me and my ex was together 3 years, lived together, was engaged, he brought my 5 year old up as his own for 3 years, a few months ago he left me for his ex from 2007 I was broken, he did some very appauling things to me and then demanded most of the things out the house, some he is paying for on credit but things I need and have no way of replacing, instead of coming to some agreement he demanded I give him it all even thing me and him just brought with cash. He asked a few times for them back suggesting I 'deliver' them to him but I ignored him. It's been a few months now and he's done nothing he's just left it all and hasn't contacted again since, he's still paying for some and other credit things that are paid off are in his name. Why hasn't he taken it further?, if he went to court would they make me return it all?


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  • there is no proof as to who owns what... Odds are they would suggest a 50/50 split.

    It could be he has given up and sorted himself with other things. You have a child though and need a lot of things for him, he may have come to his senses.

    • There is though as some things are his on finance which he is still paying for

    • And are in his name soley

    • then he is probs thinking he will pay them back so he cannot get blacklisted. :)

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