Is my ex seeing other people if he is still calling me?

I was in a 4 year relationship which ended a couple months ago. It ended because we have been long distance for a year now with now clear end in sight to bridging that gap. He was the one to end it. He told me that he wasn't seeing anyone else. Also we will be living in the same area for 10 weeks this summer. I'm wondering if he was serious about this break-up. We talk about once a week but have not seen each other in 3 months. Also should I try and meet other people? I've become used to blowing off guys in my life that like me or that hit on me. How do I know if it's time to move on?


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  • ITS TIME TO MOVE ON. he still talks to you either out of like despite four years or is still talking to you just in case he's in need of someone to sleep with. stop blowin off guys WELL I MEAN THE ONES THAT CATCH your eye. he's seeing someone he broke up with you, don't fall for it.

  • You should defintely move on, your only young like me and I have the same problem I am programmed to not attract guys attention when I go out so they won't come up to me with the whole are you single blah blah. I wonder if I'm single again I could get it back. Please don't waste your time go out and find the one for you!


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