Would you ever go back to an ex?

Me and my ex was together 3 and half years, we had an amazing relationship and he did a lot for me, we was engaged, living together, he also brought my son up as his own for 3 years who he adored and loved, we had also only just booked our wedding for June next year.
My ex left me and threw himself into loads of girls, saw from his Facebook he was talking to quite a few and was liking pictures of two of his exs, 5 weeks after we split i found out he had a new girlfriend and was broken, a few days later I found out she was his ex girlfriend from 2007, it made no sense as I have never heard about her and he's had quite a few relationships since her including a girl of 7 months and me of 3 and half years, it makes no sense..

So I wondered would you ever go back to an ex?


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  • I was wondering if that other post was you... I hope you are doing ok.

    I would have considered it with my ex husband but only if he hadn't have had his kids... too much now has happened and if we could have pretended we were barely apart but they would be 2 reminders I would have to deal with and I couldnt.

    What I do think is you are still very hurt at how he acted with you. I think that he wasn't worth the pain, maybe he still loved her while you were together, it is possible to love 2 people at once x

    • I don't think he still loved her😕. But yeah not really doing much better to be honest. I think she was maybe just convience after we split maybe a way to hurt me or he'd of got back with her sooner. Thanks for asking how I am xx

    • how do you know he didnt? I still love my ex but my boyfriend doesn't know that...

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