What should I do/where do I stand? I want to fight for her but I also want to respect her space?

i was seeing this girl & everyting was great better than that infact and out of the blue her ex (who she has a house with) sends her a letter they had been over for about 6 months and we have been together 5. she was verry closed when we met as he had realy hurt her by ending things, but now in the letter wants her back. she told me she was confused and didn't know what she wanted she said she was falling in love with me but now her old life that she wanted for so long ws an option again, i said we shouldn't talk and she needs her space to work things out. she really struggeled with this and messaged me constantly to where i said we should not be together as she wasn't makeing a decision and it was unfain on both of us. she tells me that it is me she wants and that she is going to tel her ex that she is with me now. i see her the day before she goes away with her friends to grand canaria (just a holiday in a hotel so im not worried anything hppend there) and half way through the week i notice she is becomeing distant. we speak all the time and the day she somes back i ask her whats wrong and she sends me this message:
Dan, I need to talk to you. I've been talking to my parents & I don't think I'm really ready to be fixed by anyone not even you. I keep having such bad dreams about you & Martin and it's really messing me up. I tried so hard on holiday to look towards a future but I can't. When you text me about your ex saying you fixed me I thought I believed it myself that you had fixed me but I think I was more broken and destroyed than I ever realised to be honest and you deserve someone who can honestly give their whole heart to you I'm gonna see about talking to someone as I am so messed up. If I could have spared any heartache for you I would have done it - I promise and I hope you do know me enough to see that cos I loved every single minute with you - I just wanna be on my own I think I'm so sorry -


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  • OMG Wow. She texted you after 5 months together?

    • :-( yeah i think she has done a lot of things selfishly but i do believe it isn't what she wants and certainly isn't what i want, im hoping some time will help her see

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    • wanted to thank you for your advice on this, I've told the girl i want her to leave me alone now and to delete my number.

    • Its the best thing, either she will make a point and make herself yours or you will find someone worthy of you x

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