How do I get over being played by a guy?

He led me on for weeks, he never asked me out on a date. He kept saying we need to slow things down but he treated me as a friend and then finally this past Friday I saw him because we have the same group of friends, we were out and everyone was drinking and i was so angry i drank a little too much and by the end of the night i had no clue where i was or what i was doing but i'm pretty sure he had sex with me in his friends bathroom and then he just walked out and fell asleep. I don't remember the details of what happened at all.

And the next day I woke up in his friends house and then eventually left without talking to him and he tried to reach out to me and i talked to him but his effort seemed so insincere i felt like a total fool, i was so confused i had no idea how i had ended up there. I've never been in this situation in my life, i've never been the girl that just gets f****d and left behind like it's nothing. It makes me hate myself

I obviously know he never cared for me, I'm too old to be feeling this way i'm 24, and the last thing i need is to feel that i've been played

What do I do exactly? I'm sitting here at work, I can't focus, I'm supposed to take my LSAT in less than 3 weeks, but instead I'm driving myself crazy over this because the hardest part of it is that I still like him and care for him. But I know it's never going anywhere, I'm too smart. I just want to know what to do.


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  • Just as equally as women fear being used for sex, men fear being used for their money. You should have asked him out and paid for the date.

    • but how desperate would that have been?

    • It isn't desperate for a woman to approach a man. You only think that because society has conditioned you to think men have to approach. This is called institutionalized sexism.

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  • Stop talking to him, ignore him if he tries to contact, move on. Silent treatment is more than a cure for you, it's revenge. It'll drive him nuts.

    • He isn't even really trying to talk to me anymore. That's what makes me feel so pathetic because he truly doenst not care at all about me.

    • I imagine how tough this is for you, but honestly there isn't much you can do except trying your best to get over it. Above all, keep your dignity and don't contact him under any circumstances. You will make it, I'm sure of it!

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  • Don't let him stop you from achieving your goal in life. Get back focused and get rid of that distraction so you pass your LSAT. I've been through that before and I failed an important test and I wish I could have stayed focused because there are always something that can happen to get you off track.

  • Well you know the team couldn't have sex before game night because it was a distraction

    Tuff it out and learn next time to keep focused during critical moments in life


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