Would u be back with a girl u had a bad break up? but most of the relationship was great?

and u have blocked her for her behaviour. but it wasn't that bad (since my point of view) I only used to text him once a week and he complained once why I wasn't texting him. so next time I texted him it was like something was off and a few weeks later he was telling I can't stop talking. so I did start trashing him for that, cuz it was a bullshit. at the end he blocked me.
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  • yes- only if she admitted what she did and has change
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Most Helpful Guy

  • If she was the one that broke it off then No. There is no reason to break up "badly". That is just childish.

    • i don't think it was that bad, just that I kept askiing about why, he got fed up and blocked me.

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    • well, for sure I wouldn't have go out with him on last minute dates. And I wouldn't push too hard on make it work.

    • well i'm still craving for him. but why a guy do that, like one day it seems so into you and then he is not.

Most Helpful Girl

  • if she admitted.


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  • I would probably not. Unless she takes the entire blame and changes.

    • añthough the guy I talk about was a weirdo, who says u talk a lot and the preovoud week complain because i wasn't texting him

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    • I already got a job.

    • that cool tho

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