If I find out my husband is cheating should I get a divorce or what I don't know what to do my kids are involved and I still love him?

But I'm tired of being beat down and feel I'm being emotionally abused by this man just sad I miss who he was and am tired of walking on eggshells and some how every other woman is hotter than me but he still wants sex often I don't know whats going on and most guys find me extremely hot I need help.


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  • I would get a divorce. You should too. You and your children deserve better then this asshole

    • What makes a guy stop thinking his wife is hot and stop adoring her

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  • Why do u let another woman takes your husband?
    u need to fight to get him back
    The question that must ask yourself is why my husband cheating on me?

    I know it's difficult but you have to think about your children and divorce It is not a solution
    getting divorce is like she won and took ur husband away from u
    Is this what you want for u and for ur children?

    • The way I look at it obviously he chose her over me for some reason and its not sex we have sex often all the time and I'm open to all kinds of things hell I have done things I didn't even want to do just to make him happy

    • With all due respect I think that your husband is a selfish , with mentality of a teenager

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  • you need to get out of that marriage fast. its not fair for you OR your kids to be in that situation. of course you still love him, you probably always will. but that doesn't mean you need to subject yourself or your children to an environment like that. he obviously doesn't love u the way you should. ur getting the short end of the stick. give yourself at least the opportunity to be happy and to let your kids see you happy in a healhty relationship. they will follow in your footsteps if you stay and will end up in relationships just like yours if you allow it.

    • This relationship is like my parents but I got messed up because they got a divorce and no man ever wants me or does right by me I don't know what I do wrong

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    • of course it will, but that doesn't mean you should keep ur kids in that situation.

    • it sucks, but u kinda gotta pick the lesser of the evils.

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