She asked for minimum one week break, but no news after even 2 weeks, should I call her?

Hi guys, We met each other 2 months ago and lets say we jumped into a relationship very fast, we got too close after a week and everything was very perfect. we used to see each other EVERYDAY! we started saying I love you even. but after one and half month, I felt coldness from her side, first she said, don't you think everything has gone too fast between us? few days after, she told me it has been a week whenever I am with you i think about my EX and most of the time I have no feelings about you, I was wondering how come? at the beginning she was soooo excited about me. she wanted to break up with me first, but she changed her mind for at least one week break. (at that moment she said now I have feeling about you and kissed me!!!) , now two weeks with no contact has already passed, should i call her? or sending a text?

P. S: By the time we met, she had been single for about 5 months after 2 years relationship with her EX.
After almost 2 months, I can't move on. Everyday I check out her Facebook. Any suggestions my dear friends?


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  • Yes call her and ask her what she wants with you because it is unfair to make you wait. I think she may still have feelings for her ex and that is why she acting like this.

    • Do you think i can ask her sister what is happening first? she really likes me and her family as well

    • Yea since her family likes you.

    • Thank you so much, wish me luck.

  • No. It means she's over it and moved on

    • Thanks for your response, can you please explain me a little bit more?

    • She gave you a time frame and it's up to her to reach out because this is what she wanted. I feel like for her to not say anything is her way of saying she isn't interested in getting back together

    • don't you think she is waiting like any signal from my side? cuz, they have kinnda a traditional family, or she is shy to contact me cuz she knows she broke my heart.

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