Why won't my ex take back her things?

I broke up with my ex 2 months ago, and now that university has started and we have gone our separate ways. I tried contacting her to give her back her valuables that she left behind. things i know she cares about, however she has just ignored me. her friends don't want to get involved even to just pass on the bag.

our break up was bad, it ended with the police taking her out of my apartment. although every person i know has advised me to avoid this manipulative cruel ex girlfriend, that cheated, lied, stole from me for whatever reason, and i lost so many friends just by being with her... I still care for some stupid reason, I think I always will, and I would like to give her back her valuables.

the only thing holding me back is the idea that I am playing into her ploy. we have broke up many times in the past and i think she gets how to deal with me.
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  • Ignore her, give away to her receptionist or throw her things out
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  • It's over here, dear. Let sleeping dogs lie now. It was Indeed a 'Bad breakup,' that i feel cannot be fixed again, my friend.
    She may not even care about these things with the past that was no blast. They are in your place, they may bring back bad memories, so either throw them out Or.. Give them to good will.
    Don't put yourself in the doghouse by going on with this boner.. She has barked up the wrong tree and when the cops took her out of your place and Your... Life with strife.
    Good luck. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its a trap, the only thing that can come out of this is bad news for you. Find a way to get the stuff back to her or a family member of hers.

    • i guess i should just ship it to her, and to be honest this website warned me about this girl before. and i didn't listen. i was way too in love with her little did i know she was obsessed, paranoid, extremely insecure about everything. she is in my university. i was hoping qw could be civil about things. ignoring her is pointless if she is in the same place.

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    • I don't need to know her or the situation. She left things that she valued with you. It requires either her or your intervention for her to get them back. She has some reason for wanting it that way. There is nothing beneficial to you in this situation. Inventory everything, take pictures, ship it to her, insure it for the value of the items shipped.

    • thank you for the advice

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  • This is a screwed-up bitch taking drama to the next level. Can you contact her parents and ship the items to them?

    • taking drama to the next level so that what? that i take her back? how could this possibly make me want to get back with her. I swear I will never understand her.

    • 1. You are right. You will never understand her. Sane people cannot understand insane people. Guys will rarely understand girls. This is a bad combination.

      2. A long as you have her stuff, she has a connection to you. I know that sounds crazy. . . but think about it.

    • a connection... i see your point. i had hoped to be civil and meet her somewhere and just give her her stuff and end things calmly. our last break up was so violent, there wasn't even a good bye. and now i am going to start seing her on campus everyday. all she has been doing lately is blogging how aweful i was to her, which makes no sense. i gave this girl everything i had honestly hoped to marry her but when i found out she cheated and stole something from me i flipped and called the cops before i did something stupid. im over it, i just dont want this connection with her anymore. she sent a long email telling me she isn't over it but she knows she can't return to meand that she will never respepct a girl i date.

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