Selfie laid next to some other guy?

Me and my girlfriend broke up just short of three weeks ago now and haven't spoken since. However, last night I was just browsing through snapchat stories and saw hers, and she was laid next to some other guy, and I honestly haven't got a clue who he is but I assume he is some new interest or whatever. But whoever he is, just seeing that hit me really hard. And it's hit me that I know she'll have posted it on purpose just to get to me, and I'm not going to rise to it or anything like that to show taht it doesn't bother me, when deep down it's killing me inside.

Like I know that we aren't together anymore and don't have a say in what she does in her life now. But my main point of this post is to ask for advice on how I can move on now. How can I just move on from her?


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  • I was literally in the same position you are. Only that my ex moved on a week from when we broke up. Honestly the things I did to get over him was just keep distracted l. I would read, draw, listen to music, be around friends , I was working and going to school. All those things kept me from thinking about him. Its been a year now and I haven't seen him. He texts me once in a while asking for me back but I honestly moved on. So in other words I'd say just keep busy, have minimal contact with her and give it time. It is hard but it's definitely possible.

    • This is an awesome answer! Might I add @Asker that deleting and blocking her from social media is a really beneficial, healthy choice as well. Too many exes use social media as a chance to play games and toy with someone's emotions while they inflate their ego which is going to sequentially make you feel like ish. If you are serious about moving forward then keep her out of sight and out of mind! Get her off of your social media and don't give her the opportunity to be invited and included into your life or daily psyche.

    • @Esplorare After so long I did delete her from everything I have her on, and I did feel better actually! I still have her mum on there and she checks up on me every once in a while but her mum doesn't really talk about her daughter to me anymore, she just likes to check up on how I'm doing at university.

      I'll admit that I still have stalked my ex a little though but she doesn't really mean much to me anymore. Plus she accidentally liked something I posted months ago that my friend was tagged in, so she made it pretty obvious she'd been stalking me..

      But I have met somebody new now at university who seems amazing and the complete opposite of why me and my ex didn't really get along.. so things seem pretty solid right now. I've only just stumbled across this question hence why I've took so long to choose MHO but thank you!

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