No contact rule?

Does this really work to get ex back? thanks :)


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  • it has worked for me every single time... doesn't matter if the guy was a jerk or the sweetest guy ever they always came back when I didn't call them or try and contact them because it gives them time to think about me and wonder what I am doing and think about how great things were when we were together. Be advised its not instant gradification and you may of moved on by then.. We are talking at the least 3 mnths it takes them usually but it also can even take longer...NO CONTACT lol try it.

    • Good answer, no contact always works because either the person comes back to you or you move on during the no contact phase because it makes it easier for you.

    • Hahaha. Yes, either the person comes back or you simply move on. Either way, you won't really care in 3 months time.

      With men, you have to be brutal! But I hope by then you really move on. And can look at him/ and the relationship subjectively.

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  • I have told ex's to never ever contact me again. I haven't had one come back so far and it's probably for the better because I would probably say some where in the lines of what part of never contact me again did you not understand, or I don't want you in my life anymore so just eat (poop) and die lol. Call me bitter but don't say I didn't warn them. Mind you I have zero interest in getting back together with anyone of them.

  • It works only under two conditions:

    1. He broke up during a fight in a huff and later regretted it.

    2. He is playing games and you call his bluff.

    Otherwise, no contact would increase the distance.

    • Thanks. No we didn't have a fight and I don't think he's playing games either. We went through a stressful time when I had miscarriage and he became really cold towards me after. Said he wanted space, finished things then said he's not sure about if he wants his other ex back or me, but just needs time out to think about it. Is that game playing?

    • If you went through a stressful time due to a miscarriage, he should be comforting you and supporting you. If he has become distant due to this, I don't think he is long term material.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes. It worked a few times for me but that was because I really had moved on. Happens everytime. They break up with me, I move on and then they will call. Of course, it's too late by then.


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