You think he regrets losing me?

Broke up with my ex months ago... he text me "I've been going through a lot of personal stuff." I said things havn't been easy for me either, and he said "Sorry 😞 I liked being there to take care of you during hard times but unfortunately EVERYthing changes... super fast." What do you think he implied? He missed taking care of me? Thanks!


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  • Hi,

    I think if he says But and Unfortunately and things changes, thos are rather negative words. Take my advice: don't call him dont text him and dont reply for 3 weeks UNLESS he says lets make a date.
    What you want is for him to trully miss you and if he does good, other wise, this time apart will have help you get prepared to this final breakup.

    But basically done dont answer; he most know you are happy and independent and your are not needy. Because he replied to you, feeling that you needed him. NEVER give this impression to some one you want back.

    • Hi @momis84, Thanks for your advice :) I'm kinda torn because he is the one reaching out to me telling me he is still having personal anguish. Why do you think he is telling me?

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    • Wow, thanks for sharing @momis84 I really appreciate it! I hope things work out for you two it sounds like you guys are headed on a good path :) He just text me some lame excuse about he has been too busy to respond what a load of horse shit! I think I shall follow your advice and not reply for awhile. Thanks again!

    • Good luck !

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  • He did but he also wants you to take care of him.

    • You mean he wants me to reach out and coddle him in a way? Like he wants to be with me?

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    • Him reaching out to you means he obviously cares but most men expect reciprocation. His actions state that even though he wants to take care of you he feels like you don't care because he reached out first. No man on this planet enjoys taking care of a woma. He enjoys the reciprocation from taking care of you.

    • I see... So what do u recommend?

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  • He said "liked". Meaning at a time he cared about things like that but now feelings have changed and circumstances too. It's in the past.

    • Right, he said liked because it is in the past, doesn't mean he doesn't still like... Why else would he tell me? He wants me to know for son reason

    • @Asker

      If he wanted to get back together with you he would have told you. I think you are going through the typical phase of the break up where you are desperately looking for signs while ignoring the fact that if he truly wanted you back he would have most certainly expressed this to you. He might care about you but that doesn't mean he wants to get back together with you. This is why remaining in contact with ex's is almost always a BAD idea.

    • Maybe that's true for most but I know him this is how he behaves. He's riding the fence and so am I guess we will just have to figure things out together :)

  • I think he does miss and care about you still but unfortunately he's just not in a place to have a relationship I guess.


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