100% Miserable. I can't get back up this time. It hurt's too much. I'm stuck?

He broke up with me because of fights 3 months ago. Since then we didn't talk for a month. Then we came back to grad school and started hanging out again. He wanted to take things slow then he said he needed to take a step back. I would go out of my way to do nice things for him because I felt he deserved them and I wanted to be nice to him. I was feeling pushed away and felt he was very hesitant about everything. This was not how he was when we were together before. He was the best boyfriend I ever had. I truly thought when he told me he loved me that he did. I was having trouble sleeping after this and had a reaction to ambien. It was 6am I took a pill woke up at 6:30am went to his house enraged. I've never behaved this way before. I even scared myself. He wouldn't talk to me and closed the door. He later found out about the medicine and agreed that that wasn't me. He said he still cares and will call when he feels ready. He has blocked me on social media. I have not heard from him although I don't expect to so soon. I am completely lost. At a standstill. I've tried my best to get over him. I'm making new friends, taking up new hobbies, getting involved in school, talking to a counselor and I am stuck. I can't continue on like this. I'm misrerable and don't know what else I can do about it. I want to give our relationship an honest chance more than anything. He says school now comes before everything and he can't be distracted. Before he said it wouldn't even be something he'd consider unless he knew things would be better. I'm broken and everytime I put myself together the pieces keep falling apart. Please help me? :(


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  • Unfortunately, you've made the pain continues on and one and you've made his feelings more important than your feelings

    Why do you want to stay with someone who doesn't care to stay with you?

    • He told me he wanted to consider things. He told me he still cares about me. I was hoping we would get back together at some point.

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    • After that he was kind of mean. Maybe I came off too strong. Maybe I expected more than he could give him at this point. I don't know if he knows he is being mean to me or does know so he can push me away but it hurts, it's disappointing. I feel I should tell him "he is being mean and regardless of what happened at least we know that I'm not like that and a medicine did effect my inhibitions, what excuse do you have? you're just mean."

    • sorry but he's not mean. you're the mean
      you've prevent yourself from simplest things that you deserve (happiness)
      you've focused with fully feelings, heart , mind in this relationship and forgot to dedicates just one moment for yourself
      but what about your dreams, family, friends, job?
      most painful things you loving others too much, and forgetting that you're special too

      you don't need to tell him anythings
      just forget about him and pay attention to yourself
      you've earn a second chance
      (DON'T WِASTE IT)

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  • I am sure that you feel that way, but it doesn't sound to me like you are lost or at a standstill.

    • What does it sound like then?

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    • Maybe it was an opinion on another of your question, but if I recall you hadn't talked to him about the fact it was ambien

    • Yes you are correct. I am no longer on ambien. However I don't want to push talking to him because it will push him further away. He does know that was a part of my behavior and that's not how I would normally act. I think it hurt him and scared him. I don't want to contact him because it will push him further away. he said he would call but I'm not sure when that is going to happen. Everyday that passes by it hurts more and more.

  • Hot guy finally dumped her old ass.


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