Are these signs that my ex want me back?

Are these signs that my ex want me back?

Ok so this girl I loved broke up with me during Christmas. Anyways she's now hitting me up on facebook all of a sudden.
1. Liking my statuses, tagging me on a post (first time in months).
2. She's asking me for recommendations on books that she should read.
3. Two days ago she messaged me asking me for advice on investment (I'm not into investment) and I didn't respond, but showed that I saw it.
4. Then tonight I posted a status on "going on a roadtrip this winter to see if she would respond, she responded with "where do you wanna go". But I didn't respond

To be honest she suddenly started hitting me up as soon as I felt a loss of attraction, but now that she did the feelings came back but I'm more self controlled than ever before. I'm literally a much much better person. But what do you guys think? A part of me hopes she returns, but I don't think someone can like someone again. I told her i loved her in the past and she never said it back. I don't know what to think.


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  • Hi,

    We need to know the context of the breakup, what were her reasons and what was both of yours love background (in case there is an ex in the way). From there I can tell you if she is playing with you or not.

    I myself am in a breakup mode: he said he needed time and space last week but texted a few times, saying he thinks about me. And now, he say he is gonna call me: should I answer his call or keep up the no contact treatment?

    Give me your advice and also tell me your background: Im 30 and had quite a few experiences so I can give you good advice

    • well she broke up with me because i got attached too soon. I said I love you and she didn't say it back. Personally I wouldn't have done it any different way. But in terms of me allowing her to be my all was my mistake. I guess I got too sucked in and lost my sense of self in the relationship. I then noticed she stopped talking to me on facebook (long distance, but we visited every 2 to 3 months) and then she said she was talking to another guy. We were never "labeled" girlfriend and boyfriend but sometimes you know the writing on the wall by the way we behaved. I then deleted her, added few months later (this june). Suddenly in August she started hitting me up. But she never wanted to lose touch, I did, cuz she annoyed me. It hurt.

      I would recommend the silent treatment. It's hard. I even fail at it once in a while. But show interest, and then take 2 steps back by showing disinterest until he admits how he feels.

    • also find out if being with him helps you in any way. Is the relationship healthy? Are both experiencing growth when you guys are together or do you lose self esteem and experience constant negative emotions around him, despite the good times.

      I can see myself being with this girl cuz she helped me set higher goals. I really can commend for her as a human being. An amazing person. Even though she lost interest for me, we're all humans, I can't blame her because I know that would have happened to me if she lived close (i know it!). So I may reconsider getting back with her but as friends with benefits.
      In your case just assess how much growth you experience. In relationships we either grow 30% or shrink 30% as a person. See which direction your going (I believe no growth is still a loss)

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  • Yep, I would say she is at least interested in keeping you as a prospect/backup if her current interests go bad.

    Without knowing more about what the breakup was about or whether it was for neutral or negative reasons the advice I can give is pretty limited.

    You probably hit on the biggest reason when you wrote, "I'm literally a much much better person". Self improvement does not go unnoticed but it also means that she should be bringing a lot more to the table than just stirring up old feelings for her to be a potential prospect for you. There are a lot of wonderful people out there, you will do yourself a favor by expanding your horizons and make her really compete for your affection again.

    You have the ball, make it count. :)

    • that is sooooo true man that she also has to bring to the table. Excellent point my man. I think my ego is trying to satisfy it's egotistical need of having sex with her cuz she's hot. Almost as like "see, i was able to get her". As a guy you know where I'm coming from.

    • Hey! you should be able to get anyone you want! dont think your too good for her or she feels it.
      Have you watch videos from coach corey wayne on youtube? They'll help you understand your mistakes. But you will also understand that you are worth soooo much more.
      If somebody trully loves you they will take actions and not just use words such as "i'm sorry".

      Delete her and move on. You're no back up plan. If you were here, I would date you :)

      On my side: I haven't slept much this weekend, and it pissed me off. I have been applying the no contact rule. Watch many video and realized I'm a rebound! I had never heard that word or been in that situation. In the end I don't feel like trying to get my guy who needed space back.
      Next time we do talk, I'll tell him to f*** off, deal with his sh****, give me back ALL my stuff and to erase me from his life.
      I got no time to lose, love to give. There is someone out there who will cherish it trully.

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