How should you go about getting an ex back?

I know most of the time, you should never want an ex back... but whether you're the person who did the dumping or got dumped... What type of steps should you do... to get the person back? Obviously nothing is 100 percent guaranteed.


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  • Ignore and don't talk to them.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think it is highly possible that she will come back. Is she single or has someone else?

    • from what i know... single

    • Then it is better. Otherwise it is almost impossible. You should actually invite her for dinner at your house or someplace if you can't cook good.
      Tell her you want to meet her or just talk to her.
      In most cases it is the hesitancy that does not let an ex make it up with each other.
      By the way what happened? And you didn't do anything too harsh did you?

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