My ex out of the blue said he misses me and loves me and he said I love you? Help?

Well we dated for 2years and we split up and it was a bad break up I completely moved improved my life for me ( i moved to California he lives in Boston ).. met a great man that I've been dating for 7 months now and I'm happy so out of nowhere I received a fb message from him and he asked how I was doing and I genuinely told him I'm doing fine.. and then we skyped and it was like omg! I haven't seen you in like forever kinda feeling.. and out of nowhere while we were chatting like normal adults he pops out and says " I miss you... I think about you everyday... I do and I love you.. (my reaction woah? Buddy) ... and sadly but true I said it back I miss you... any who afterwards we talked for the next week or so as friends of course and he told me he has a girlfriend and I said awesome congratulations and then I tried to tell him I'm seen someone and he thinks it's a joke :/ but oh well I don't know...


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