Hey y'all, lost my lady and made things worst. Now I've lost her as both a lover and friend. Will she ever come?

I've been dating her for close to 9 weeks. One could say we rushed into our relationship. It was so very pleasent until she dropped the bomb on me by surprise.

She said she has too much on her plate. She loves her job and school. And she's not ready for a relationship. Where by she and me can't 'click'. Feelings faded just like that.

We did talk but through text. I suggested that we meet up in person but she ignored. It's been 2 weeks since our break up.

I was being pushy I guess... no. I really am being pushy and impatient. By texting her once every night. Saying that I'm going to fight for her. Trying to bring back the spark.

By writing a letter consisting of my deepest feeling. Giving her Sunflowers Her favourites, chocolate and almonds. Giving it all to her.

I kept texting her. On every possible moment. Not to the extend that it's too much. But all I recieved is ignorance. Blue ticks on whatsapp. I kinda had enough and blasted all my feelings which went too far.

Now she's ticked off. I know I am at fault here. But I love her too much. I did what I am not supposed to do. That is don't be pushy. I lost her as my lover at first. After I did all those stunts. I lost her as a friend. Will she ever comback if I give her enough space and time? .


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  • There's no guarantee.

    In all honesty , I think you should sit back.

    Constantly contacting her... doesn't help the situation. So, it's all better left alone.
    The rest is up to her at this point.

    Move on with your life

    She may never come back , no matter what.
    Never show desperation , it is a weakness that some people will never respect you for having.

    • Thank you for your opinion. It is really helpful. I will try to move on an not be affected by it any loner

    • :) You're welcome

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  • She didn't want you for something serious.

    • Thank you for your comment. Truth be told, we were getting serious and not fooling around. She got freaked out with the fact that we rushed on things too fast and how things were too 'perfect'. I guess someone else has took a spot in her heart.

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  • If you give her space and time, she might come back.

  • No. She won't. She'll move on


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