Psycho Fiance.

Late last night I was on the phone with my Fiance, soon to be husband, he lives in Chicago and I live in Florida we haven't seen each other in 5 months. Anyhow he told me last night how he get into a fight with some guy at work and he get really pissed off, ended up putting a fist through the wall, in his own barber shop. Then he added, when somebody get me mad/p*sst etc I go crazy I would destroy his life and mines, So be careful.

A while back he also told me how he has a Gun. And if I ever checked out another guy he would kill him and kill me.

Let me add. that his a really nice guy, he loves me a lot. and I do too. When I first met him he was like an Angle on earth. but ever since we get into a long distance relationship he started getting Psycho over almost everything I say. he doesn't like me out of the house with my friends. he get so mad if I told him am going to the beach with my friends or even the mall. he doesn't like me texting or talking to my friends. He wants me away from my best friend who I have been known for 6 years. he doesn't want me going to Collage!

whats this guys problem?


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  • I agree with all! Listen to the guys they understand the male temper better than we do...This guy is telling you that he can't control himself and wants to control you. Go for it if you want but there have been scores of books written about marriages like this and the women always seems to end up with the sh*t end of the stick, so to speak. Think long and hard...You're young and there are a ton of fabulous men out there that will love and support your dreams without there thumb on top of your head. Good luck. Cheers!


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  • escape while you can

  • uhhhh.

    you need to end this asap.

    he is insane.

    why are you about to marry a guy that goes psycho over almost everything you say?

    he doesn't want you to go to college to see your best friend?


    get rid of this dude.


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  • i know its hard and you love him, but you need to leave..

    he threatened your life he's crazy!

    there was this sh*t on the news about this guy that threatend his ex if she got with another guy he'd shoot there little baby gurl

    and guess what he did wen he found out she had another boyfriend

    he held a gun to the 9 month old childs head and pulld the trigger

    u need to leave him!

    any one diservs bettr than a f***in psycho like that

  • Run girl Run. Get a friend to help to get away. Tell a friend or older friend that you trust. Get a restraining order from the police. Don't be afraid to get a restraining order and have someone go with you to the police.

  • theres not much to say to tht buh thee fact tht your fiance

    is ffckn iNSANEEE &&' needs some physchatric help...

    && my words of advicee is too juss..



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