Guys, Help! Do you think my ex is really done for good? Should I walk away and go no contact and make him realize how much he does love me?

We were together for 2 1/2 years. We lived together and almost had a child together, but we have also broken up 2 times prior to that because of stupid fights. In March we got into a big fight in front of his family and he broke up with me again because of it. Since then he has been so back and forth. We have gone through periods where we haven't talked then come back and talk and things would be great. He has said countless things to me like, how much he still loves me, that he still thinks we're going to end up together with kids, that we're working through it, that we're going to be together but he's not ready to dive back in, that he's not seeing other girls or sleeping with other girls because of me, that he's a mess when we don't talk, etc. then he'll come back and say he's not ready for a relationship, that fixing things won't be that easy, that our past is too bad, that he just wants to be friends and let things happen and not force it, that we don't belong together and shouldn't date, etc. If i would bring up something good he said about us and the future he would always tell me that i was using it agaisnt him and that his feelings change and that he's just indecisive but we still saw each other twice a week and talked everyday. He had countlessly told me that i just ned to relax, not bring us up in conversations and that everything would be good. it was hard for me to do so because i love him and want to be with him. We had a fight on Thursday and i showed up at his apartment on Friday to talk about it and he got really upset with me about just showing up. We didn't talk for 2 1/2 days and then today i called him and he told me that he's done for good, sick of dealing with all of the bullshit and that he's not going to see me, talk to me or consider dating me again. This may seem crazy, but no part of me believes this is it for us. I know how much he still loves me and meant things that he has said about our future. i think he's sick of arguing and mad because i haven't chilled out because he isn't ready to dive back in again after the last breakup. What do i do now to get him to come back? is there anything i can do?


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  • The song is over and over for good. You're going to have to deal with it


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